A smart watch and GPS with Android 2.0.

The Casio Pro Trek Smart (WSD-F20)

The Casio Pro Trek Smart (WSD-F20)

     Personally I own a Casio ProTrek Tough Solar watch and that thing is really tough. It gives me altitude, barometric pressure, and has an digital compass. It also has all your regular watch functions (time, alarms, stopwatch, and timer). It was also doesn't need a battery.

     THIS WATCH is better than the Tough Solar! This is a Smart Watch and has sooo many functions and features. If you're a smart watch person, this isn't an Apple Watch or similar. This is a robust watch for getting outdoors and tracking the important information while you're out there. And it does do a lot more! The WSD-F20 is feature rich and has a bunch of cool capabilities:

High Tide/Low Tide Alarms (that can be set with Vibration)

Sunset/Sunrise Alarms (that can be set with Vibration)

GPS (linked with Mapbox//4 Gigs of storage) - you can store waypoints, notes, and voice memos. 

Google Fit Integration

- What it doesn't have? A heartrate monitor

This is a Hiker's watch. You do have to download the maps prior in the event your phone doesn't get reception.  

The WSD-F20 provides a multitude of information for navigation and activity. 

The WSD-F20 provides a multitude of information for navigation and activity. 


GPS + Full-Color Map: The current location is determined by energy-efficient GPS and indicated  on a full-color offline map. Supports positioning data from three satellites
(American GPS, Russian GLONASS and Japanese “MICHIBIKI” QZSS). Steadily receives positioning data and displays your current position on a full-color map.

Full-color map display: The current location is determined based on positioning information received from GPS satellites and displayed on a high-resolution full-color map.

Offline map usage capability: Map data downloading is handled through a tie-up with MapBox, 
a supplier of map data for countries worldwide. The map data can be displayed even
when the user’s smartphone is offline or out of range of mobile device radio wave transmissions.


Location: An advanced watch face is realized through a design representing the GPS and map functions and animation of the map display.

Traveler: Traveler enables the user to switch the type of information displayed in the window in the lower part of the watch face,  and to launch the corresponding app just by tapping the watch face of the device.

  • Date

  • Altimeter

  • Compass

  • Barometer


  • Location NEW

  • Traveler NEW

  • Combination

  • Altitude

  • Authentic

  • Multi

  • World Time

  • Field

  • 2Layers


Personalized map management: Linkage between the GPS function and the full-color map enables accurate display of your current location. You can display the route of your activities, record specified points and discover a wide range of other uses for your outdoor activities.       * This app’s functionality is limited when connected to an iOS device.

Determine your current location: Your current location is displayed on the color map
for easy confirmation anytime.* In places where signals cannot reach your smartphone, it is necessary to download maps in advance via Wi-Fi. * When connected to an iOS device, it is necessary to download maps in advance via Wi-Fi.

Write memos on the map: You can also display footprints of your actions, 
record markers on the map or use voice input to make notes.* Requires connection to a smartphone for voice input to make notes. Cannot be used in areas where cellular service cannot reach.

Alter the map to suit your purposes: Prepare a variety of map designs. Then choose the one you want depending on the type of activity and purpose of use.

  • dark

  • light

  • outdoors

  • streets-satellite

  • streets

Android Wear™ 2.0

Android Wear 2.0, the latest update, is adopted to optimize the WSD-F20’s capabilities and convenience as a smartwatch.

Easier Communication: Responses to emails and messages can easily be made using voice, keyboard or handwritten input. Users can also answer or reject incoming calls.

Google Assistant built-in: Reply to a message, set a reminder, or ask for directions. Just hold the power button or say “OK google”. * Google Assistant is not available in all languages.

Google Maps™: Built-in GPS enables navigation and use of Google Maps.

Google Play™ Music: Users can download and play back music files with their watch, and listen to them with wireless earphones.

Google Fit:Travel distances and times are displayed on the watch, a useful tool when training by running, walking or cycling.

Google Translate™: Spoken words can be translated into a designated language. Users can tilt the watch for easy readability. * This app’s functionality is limited when connected to an iOS device.


It's a really awesome watch. It runs $500. Check it out here:

Here's a really great review on youtube from Phone Arena. 

-Digital Ninja ® out.